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Do you own a hp inkjet that uses the 903,953,970, or 971 ink cartridges, please follow this link, this shows how to turn off the firmware update, one unlucky customer printer updated on the 16 April, and then the printer rejected our cartridges that had been printing and working perfectly, this printer took the 903 ink cartridges. It’s a dirty tactic by the manufacture.

16TH April 2019, customer HP PRO 6960, automatically installed THE new firmware to the printer, IN RESULT FOR THIS HAPPENING, no premium compatibles would work.

They will now have to use original hp inks until the microchips are updated to work with the latest firmware.

Any free advice or you need help, contact us on 01730 859531. It’s very frustrating but following these steps can help beat them as this turns off the Automatically update off.…