903Xl cartridges

HP have done another firmware update on printers that use the 903xl cartridges. This was done at the of October 2019 if your printer automatic Firmware update had not been turned off.

we have done hours of testing on our premium cartridges, currently the microchips on these cartridges work with the latest update. (1938A firmware)

we advise to do the method below…. we had no issues with any rejected ink cartridges.  In our testing using this method.

  1. When you change a cartridge or cartridges (when you are not changing all 4 inks at the same time.) for example you are changing the black and yellow.
  2. Turn printer on, lift lid, when the printer carriage comes to a stop.
  3. take out the empty ink cartridges.
  4. unclip all remaining cartridges, no need to remove.
  5. Click all the inks back into place one by one, magenta, cyan, yellow and black.
  6. close lid and your printer will except all cartridges without any fuss.