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Disable Auotmatic Printer Firmware

Disable Automatic printer Firmware updates. 

From time to time, Epson and other Printer Manufactures releases new versions of the printer firmware on its most recent models. In many cases, these firmware updates to disable third-party chips like the ones on our Premium Cartridges, Although we are constantly updating our chips versions to combat this, keeping ourselves up to date with all Epson updates, it is still highly recommended that you disable automatic updates of the printer software to stop firmware being updated.

In the printer hardware, firmware is installed which communicates to the micro chip on the cartridges.

If the manufactures do update and your software updates, it sometimes means that it blocks any other 3rd party cartridge apart from the Original manufacture cartridge working in your printer, until the new version micro chip are available which can take a little time.

We always tell our customers, if its not broken, do not fix it.

follow these steps to disable automatic updates:

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