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The Myths In the Industry

The Myths of Cartridges

1) Invalidating your warranty

There is a common misconception that using a remanufactured or recycled ink cartridge will invalidate your printer’s warranty. This is not true. Using a non-OEM cartridge doesn’t invalidate any warranty and is perhaps the biggest myth concerning their use. The message being sent out by OEM cartridge manufacturers as a scare tactic, and who can really blame them for wanting to deter customers away from a cheaper product?   The consumer has the right to choose what they wish to use.

2) They can damage your printer

Going hand in hand with the myth discussed above is the notion that a remanufactured/recycled cartridge will break, crack, leak and therefore damage your printer, we go to great lengths to make sure that there are no issues with the cartridges we sell. In the case of remanufactured cartridges, they are essentially rebuilt with quality control maintaining that you are getting a great product, if for any reason you have a faulty cartridge, this would be sorted and exchanged.

3) You’ll throw your money away

No Quibble Guarantee on cartridges this takes the risk out of your purchase. If there is ever a functionality issue, we will replace or help with the issue!

4) Remanufactured cartridges won’t perform as well as OEM cartridges

There can be a thought process when someone sees a product that says it does the same job as another but for a cheaper price that makes them think “it won’t be as good”. Our industry Insider, with over a decade of experience in the industry, has always used remanufactured cartridges without any issues.  The compatible/remanufactured has come a long way and are researched and develop so you the consumer get great value.

5) Questions

If you contact us with any questions you might have, we are always more then happy to answer and help.

6) In summary…

Compatible/remanufactured/ ink/toner cartridges do offer a high quality, cost effective alternative and, in most print applications, will do a great job for you and offer you Big savings.
The ever-improving production techniques and better-quality control at the leading remanufacturing plants is resulting in higher quality cartridges. And when they come with guarantees and warranties from reputable suppliers, you really have nothing to worry about.