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The Printer Firmware Message

The printer firmware message,

Your on your computer and the lovely message pops up, new Firmware available, update now. What do you do, We at World Of Inks say decline and carry on with your Printing.

If the message said ‘Install our new firmware – update?’ without letting you make an informed decision about the reason for it. Ask yourself:

  1. Is your printer working OK?
  2. Is it using the particular cartridges that you like and can afford?
  3. Is there any reason or justification given for the upgrade?
  4. We say if its not Broken, don’t fix it.

Clear the message and decline the update.

Some firmware updates stop anything but the Original inks working, until the chip compatible manufacture have updated them for the new firmware, this can take time.

We at world of inks with over 15 years expertise are here to help with anything printer related.