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Canon Prefills 540XL/541XL

The Canon Prefill 540XL Black and Colour 541XL have a new electronic patch on the cartridge electrics but do not show ink levels on the printer model.

The image below is for reference, FIG A showing the Original electrics, After the cartridge has been remanufactured, this would go through a procedure of cleaning the cartridge, then being refilled with fresh ink into a clean sponge, after this process, FIG A  would then have new electronic patch put on.




This message below is shown on your computer printing status, even when a new remanufactured  cartridge in installed. The filling level indicator asks you to change the cartridge or to press and hold “Stop/Reset” button for 5 seconds. If you are using a refilled Canon PG-540xl or 541Xl cartridge, press and hold the “Stop/Reset” button for 5 seconds. Then you can continue printing without the Ink levels indicator. Watch out for stripes on your printouts, this indicate a low level of ink and is becoming empty.  The picture below is the type of message you will get on your printing status message.


The arrow in the picture is pointing to the STOP/RESET button.

The other image is the type of message that can pop up on printer status.

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